Sioux Falls

Sioux Falls, SD
Meetings: Every Wed. at Noon
Royal Fork·Sioux Falls, SD·Telephone: (605) 359-9162


Welcome to The Kiwanis Club of Sioux Falls.
A total of 6 Kiwanis Clubs meet in Sioux Falls.  Our Club was the first club organized in Sioux Falls and is sometimes referred to as the Downtown Club, even though we do not currently meet downtown.
The Kiwanis Club of Sioux Falls
12:00 Noon
Royal Fork Restaurant
(South side of Empire Mall)
Roger McCarty -  President
(605) 929-4419
Christy Menning - Program Chair
(605) 339-1203 - 
Mark McClung - Membership Chair
(605) 359-9162 -     

          --  Additional Sioux Falls Kiwanis Clubs --

                 Sioux Falls East                                    Sioux Falls South     
                   12:00 Noon                                                 12:00 Noon
                     Mondays                                                    Thursdays
               Cherry Creek Grill                                   Royal Fork Restaurant
                  3104 E 26 St                                           4610 W Empire Pl  

           Vance Timmer, President                              John Roth, President  


                 605-929-4966                                               605-351-4301




           Sioux Falls West                                           Sioux Falls Daybreak
                12:00 Noon                                                        7:00 AM
                  Tuesdays                                                         Thursdays

            Skelly's Pub & Casino                                  The Original Pancake House
              130 S Phillips Ave                                               2715 W 41st St
      Houston Haugo,
 President                                         John Kramer